Susan Green, the owner of Just Lashes Inc., has been licensed since 1988 in the cosmetology industry, and maintains licenses in New York  and Florida. She holds multiple certifications with Xtreme Eyelashes.


In 2005, she discovered a new service that spas were offering in Las Vegas, called EYELASH EXTENSIONS. After having the eyelash extensions applied, she immediately fell in love with the new concept of longer, fuller eyelashes without the use of mascara.


Back home in Florida, Susan found it difficult to find an eyelash stylist, let alone a qualified one. She knew there was a demand for the service, so she began researching the procedure and traveled throughout the states to learn about the international eyelash extension business, as well as being trained by the elite professionals in the lash industry. 


In 2011, she decided to open a lash salon, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, named JUST LASHES! 


Susan's intense background allows her not only to apply lashes, but to design a customized lash line for each client. By using faux mink eyelashes with a FDA medical grade approved adhesive, she will customize the look that best suits each client.  She specializes in lash correction work along with clients that have weak, sparse lashes.

With the lash industry growing so rapidly, Susan brought on a team of girls that are qualified, licensed and trained to help accommodate the ever demanding need for lashes. 

Give our team at JUST LASHES a call for your appointment. Get longer, fuller lashes with Just Lashes!