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9089 N. Military Trail, #22

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Monday - Saturday

9 am - 6 pm




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Our Story

Susan Green, the owner of Just Lashes Inc., has been licensed since 1988 in the cosmetology industry, and holds licenses in New York and Florida.

Just Lashes Inc.  Established 2011

In 2005, while visiting Las Vegas, Susan discovered a new service that hair salons were offering called eyelash extensions. She tested out the service and instantly fell in love with the new concept of longer, fuller eyelashes without the use of mascara. Back home in Florida, she found it difficult to find a lash stylist, let alone a qualified one that knew anything about the service. She envisioned the potential demand for lashes, but there was little known, at that time, about it. Susan began researching the new service of lash extensions and traveled throughout the states to learn the international eyelash extension business. She sought out the elite professionals in the lash industry and began the intense training. After years of studying, researching and conquering art of lash extensions, she decided to open the first exclusive lash salon in the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 2011. People thought she was crazy to open a salon JUST for LASH extensions, but she knew she was on to something! Hence the name JUST LASHES! Her passion and dedication to the trade, has allowed her business to grow strong. Susan has brought on a team of professional and skilled lash artists to help service now over 150 clients a week! 

Learning the beauty industry at the age of 16, and a licensed Cosmetologist since 1988, Susan's intense background and experience allows her to enhance peoples' natural beauty. She specializes in lash extensions and enjoys working with difficult cases when clients have weak, sparse lashes or that have had chemotherapy. She has worked with local celebrities for special events, Moms for weddings, daughters for proms and the average woman that wants to enhance her eyes with JUST LASHES!  Susan LOVES what she does and is dedicated to make every client happy. So, whatever your lash desire is, Just Lashes is the place to visit. 

                                Lengthen you lashes with JUST LASHES! 


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