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9089 N. Military Trail, #22

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Monday - Saturday

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Corrective Work

With the lash industry growing at a high rate and the increased popularity, there are numerous inexperienced people trying to apply lash extensions. Keep in mind these people may not be licensed and or certified professionally by the State requirements. They may have learned online or even tried to teach themselves by using their friends as a guinea pig. Some girls are servicing people in an unprofessional, unsanitary environment, like homes. Think about that how clean and sanitary that is? How clean are the implements being used on you, have they been sanitized properly?  Do you want them working on your eyes? I wouldn't! 


Time and time again clients arrive at Just Lashes needing corrective lash work to fix the mess that another stylist has applied.  I have seen people come in from the emergency rooms because their eyes were swollen shut due to an inexperienced "friend" that started doing lashes using cheap product they bought from online. I have seen it all! So, beware, you get what you pay for. Without proper certification and training, these eyelash extension "specialists" are gluing top and bottom lash lines together and botching the application process. Ruining the integrity of your natural lashes, causing permanent damage. Make sure your stylist has skill and has been trained properly and uses quality products on your lashes in a clean sanitary environment. These are your eyes, and you only have two! 


Eyelash extension application is an art. Through skill, experience and precision, the team of lash artists at Just Lashes are able to remove the faulty lash extensions and apply new extensions if possible, giving you a clean healthy and fresh lash look.


See the before and after pictures below of our corrective eyelash work.

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